Discover Bratislava in an eco-friendly way

Discover Bratislava in an eco-friendly way

The tour is free.
We meet you at the reception of your hotel, hostel or anywhere at your convenience.

Bratislava Free Guided Running Tour Bratislava Free Guided Running Tour
Bratislava Castle Running Bratislava Sad Janka Krala Park Running Bratislava Old Town Running Bratislava Castle Running
Bratislava Cumil Man At Work Running Bratislava Michalska Gate Brana Running Bratislava Main Square Running Bratislava St Martins Cathedral Running


Whether you are on a business trip or on holidays, with us you can explore Bratislava’s sights and landmarks faster while running. If you are tired of the hotel treadmill this may be the best start of your day.

Running Tours Bratislava offers free guided running tours through the most visited places in Bratislava as well as those that are not well know, but beautiful. Running tours are becoming one of the most popular activities for runners while they travel or business people that simply do not have time to do both, sightseeing and sport.

Bratislava with its size offers both historical and modern places and you can see them within one single exercise. It’s just the matter of your choice – to run in the downtown, parks or in the Karpaty woods.

The tour is free. We meet you at the reception of your hotel, hostel or anywhere at your convenience.

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See most visited and hidden sights in Bratislava downtown in a single tour.
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Get tips on beautiful restaurants and fun facts from local guides from Bratislava.


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Tour guides:


Jan "Meszi"

Jan’s passion in running and meeting new people makes running tours a great hobby. His preference is to run single lap on a bigger track.


Martin "Krivi"

Martin is specialized in short steps and long distance runs. Since his first marathon in 2010 he can’t resists to improve his personal best over and over. Be careful, his credo “medals last longer than pain” on the back of his shirt will push you on the way up to the Bratislava castle very fast.


How much does a Running Tour cost?
Running Tours are organized by the team of RunningToursBratislava as a free of charge service. We accept a voluntary donations or tips that will be used for covering the costs of the operations of the and improving our services, but we are happy to run without any donation or tips.

Where do you meet with the Running Tours Bratislava agent?
After you register we will contact you by phone or email to agree on the logistics. We can pick you up at the hotel. For this service we might charge additional cost (based on the location of your pickup). If your hotel is in a running distance to the track, this is free and most of the hotels are in the running distance.

Terms and Conditions:

By booking a tour with Running Tours Bratislava you fully agree to the following:

  • I understand that tours are a physical activity.
  • I am physically fit. I am aware of my own physical limitations. It is mine responsibility to stop in time if necessary.
  • I am aware running tours will be held in an urban setting and as a participant I will encounter vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.
  • I am aware no refreshment points exist on the routes.
  • I will obey all traffic laws and regulations as well as instructions of the guide.
  • I give mine consent for pictures taken by Running Tours Bratislava on the day to be used, either electronically or in physical material, for the purpose of promoting Running Tours Bratislava service (if participant does not want pictures to be used for these purposed he must inform the agent).
  • I acknowledge to be 18 years or older or/and legal guardian of minor under 18 years.
  • I am taking part in a running tour willingly.
  • I will indemnify save and hold harmless Running Tours Bratislava and its owners, officers, directors, administrators from any litigation expenses, legal fees, loss, liability, damage or costs which may be incurred as the result of such a claim.

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