Zelezna Studnicka Running Tour

Surprising nature in Bratislava

Visit Karpaty reserve area and run in the one of the freshest air such close to the capital of Slovakia.

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About the Zelezna Studienka Running Tour

The most visited running track in Bratislava by local runners. This run will show you that Bratislava can offer such stunning place for running. You will run through the beautiful woods and run around lakes at Zelezna Studnicka. It's up to you how far you want to run, as this area gives you infinite number of routes. Normally 10-15km is the best option to enjoy the fresh air.

Bratislava Forest Part covers an area of 27.3 km² (10.54 mi²), of which 96% is covered with forests; the rest consists of meadows, water and built-up areas. The Vydrica river originates in the park's territory. With its dense network of hiking trails, roads and recreational facilities, Bratislava Forest Park includes many localities popular among visitors, such as Zelezna studienka (Little iron well), Partizanska luka (Partisan meadow), Koliba and the Kamzik TV Tower. Two-thirds of visitors enter the Bratislava Forest Park through the Cerveny most area near Patronka, a major transport junction in the city. The park is served by the Zelezna studienka Bratislava train station, the public city transport and parking is provided for up to 150 vehicles.

Source: Wikipedia.

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